Types of Window Film

Whether it’s car windows, house windows or business building windows, there is a film for it. Window tinting in Kent offers a professional service in applying film or tint to your windows. Having film added to windows not only increases your privacy but each film has its qualities that make it desirable to have. Frosted windows are good for business offices, solar window film for homes and window tint for cars.    


Frosted Window Film

Frosted window film is an opaque film that restricts who can see through the windows. Its purpose is to offer you more privacy and will reduce the amount of light entering the room. As a result of having the light decreased it will lessen the amount of glare too. Less light will mean that there is no light to reflect off of shiny surfaces such as a computer screen or a desktop. This is extremely useful in an office environment. Trying to work with glare in the office is very challenging and can result in headaches and your eyes straining. Frosted window film will reduce this risk and employees will work efficiently. The film is also good for the privacy of businesses. It will prevent anyone seeing in and taking business ideas.


Solar Window Film

Solar window film moderates the temperature of the room further reducing the UV rays that could enter the room. This is particularly useful in summer as the film will block 99% of the ultraviolet rays and 86% of the heat. Solar window film in Kent will apply the film to your windows ensuring that you are protected from the UV rays. Solar film is used predominantly in homes, particularly on conservatory windows. They are favoured for homes as it will allow you to save money on energy bills, keep your home cooler during summer and will protect you and your children from the ultraviolet rays.    


Window Tint

Tinting windows is an excellent way of increasing your privacy in your car or even in your home.

Window tinting is more commonly used on cars for increased security and privacy. With tinted windows, it means that people won’t be able to see into the car, therefore, lowering the chance of break ins. Window tinting in Kent will tint your windows whether they’re on your vehicle or your home, the tint will be applied smoothly and with a great deal of care. The tint on your car windows will reduce the heat in your car too. By blocking out some of the heat from the sun, it will allow you will feel more comfortable and more concentrated. Again, the tint will reduce glare, making your driving much safer.

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