Types Of Window Film For Your Home

As homeowners, we continuously try to find ways to further improve it. Using window film in your home can be a great benefit for many reasons. There are many types of film that can be of use in your home. Window film in London are specialists in the application of a range of window films.

Find out more on the types of window film for your home below.

Decorative Window Film

Decorative film can really allow you to transform a room and subtly give it some personality. This type of film is typically used in bathrooms as a form of privacy. However, it is also greatly used in centre rooms of homes such as living rooms and it is even used in offices.

There are many benefits of decorative window film. The film can elevate interior design, offer more privacy, diffuse harsh light, and make design changes easy. The film can be designed and cut to suit your needs; thus ensuring you get the look you are after.  

Here are some of the types of decorative window film you could get:

  • Frost Decorative
  • Gradient Decorative
  • Pattern Decorative
  • Texture Decorative
  • Specialty Decorative


Solar Window Film

Solar window film is excellent for home improvement. The films are specially designed to moderate heat, help reduce fading and save energy.

By using solar window film, you are able to keep your home bright and well-lit, whilst being able to rest easy knowing the film is reflecting away any harsh UV rays, heat & glare and noticeably protecting your furnishings.

These specialist films will give your home the opportunity to remain open and bright while efficiently moderating the room temperature.

Here are some of the types of solar window film you could get:

  • Reflective Film
  • Dual-Reflective Film
  • Harmony Film
  • Ceramic Film
  • Neutral Film
  • Low-E Film


Safety & Security Window Film

Many homeowners are looking to improve the safety and security of their home. A very effective and simple way to increase safety is by having window film used on the windows.

The film is thin and clear making it difficult to notice and practically undetectable. Safety & security window film will assist in protecting you against break-ins, vandalism, accidents and weathering.  

There are many benefits to this type of film. It will help deter theft, improve shatter resistance, lessen accidental damage, help protect windows from windborne debris, reflect heat and block UV rays.

Here are the types of safety & security film you could get:

  • Solar Safety & Security
  • Clear Safety & Security


If you are interested in getting window film for your home, then get in touch with window film in London for more information.

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