Types Of Solar Window Film

Are you looking for a window film solution for your home or the office? Take a look at solar window film. It holds many benefits for types of windows and buildings. To give you more information, we have prepared a list of the different types of solar window film in London that are available.


All types of solar window film hold the benefits of:

  • Heat Reflection
  • Reduced Fading To Furnishings
  • Energy Saving
  • Glare Reduction
  • Blocks UV Rays
  • Indoor Comfort Is Increased

Reflective Window Film

With reflective window film, you will be able to dramatically improve the level of comfort inside your home or office. The film has specialist properties that enable it to offer a high level of heat, glare and UV control to constantly moderate the temperature of a room.

The reflective technology is used on two sides of the glass and gives it a modern, uniform look.

Dual-Reflective Window Film

The dual-reflective window film has unique elements to it that allow it to block heat and keep the inside area a moderate temperature. The film has a mirrored exterior side and a subtle interior side. Due to this, the film is able to block 99% of UV rays, reduce heat and keep in the cool air. As well as this, the style of the film allows you to see clearly through the windows during both day & night, it also allows the house to look modern and aesthetically pleasing.

Harmony Window Film

Harmony window film is cleverly designed to make your home or working life easier. With its premium combination of proprietary metals and nano-ceramic technology, the film is designed to ease sunlight and glare inside buildings. With the films advanced properties, it helps to remove hot spots, strongly reduce glare and eye strain, and similarly to other solar films, it removes the UV rays.

These films are great for an office as it will allow office workers to focus and concentrate on work without straining their eyes. For this same reason, these films are perfect for homes – allowing you to relax.

Ceramic Window Film

Similarly to the harmony window film, the ceramic window film harnesses the nano-ceramic technology. Now, instantly you might ask yourself ‘how can you have a ceramic window film?’. The answer is simple, during the manufacturing process, a whisper-thin layer of ceramic (metal free) is applied to the film. This type of film is excellent for coastal homes as it has resistance from salt corrosion.

Neutral Window Film

The neutral window film isn’t very reflective due to its neutral nature, however, it is well equipped to moderate room temperatures. The neutral film allows sunlight to stream through windows completely naturally, therefore you won’t lose any daylight. However, in doing this, the film blocks UV rays, reduces heat and moderates the temperature indoors to allow you to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Low-E Window Film

Low-E window films are perfect for all weather conditions. This special film has been designed to have heat-rejecting properties as well as insulative properties. As a result, of this, the film will keep rooms cool in the warmer months and warm in the cold months. The energy saving Low-E window film will reduce energy and heat bills, allowing you to not only live more comfortably but to live more economically.


If you are looking for solar window film in London, then get in touch with Phantom Tinting today. Our team of highly-experienced technicians will professionally apply the film being sure to leave no bubbles.


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