Safety & Security Film

Safety and security film offers an increased level of privacy and protection of your home, office or shop. The film has special properties that enable it to strengthen the glass and make the windows harder to penetrate.

For privacy window film in London, contact us today.

There are many benefits to this specialist film, such as:

  • Deter Theft
  • Improve Shatter Resistance
  • Lessen Accidental Damage
  • Protect Windows From Weathering
  • Reflect Heat
  • Block UV Rays

Solar Safety & Security Film

Solar safety & security film has been made using an advanced formula to strengthen the glass. As well as this, it’s solar properties allow it to block UV rays and moderate the temperatures of a room by reducing the heat. Thus making your home safer and more comfortable to live in.

These films are the perfect option for homes, offices, shops and other commercial buildings. With the film moderating heat and providing additional security, you will find that you save money on electrical bills and your security is significantly increased.

Clear Safety & Security Film

The clear safety and security film offers plenty of benefits to you and your windows. Due to its design, the film strengthens the windows and improves shatter resistance. As a result of this, a property is considerably more secure because of its ability to reject damage – whether this damage is accidental, weather-related, or forced by criminals.

To support this, the clear film appears invisible to passersby; making it even more secure and protected. Its invisible ability allows the building to remain aesthetically pleasing as the film can’t be seen or easily detected.


If you are looking for privacy window film in London, then get in touch with Phantom Tinting today. A member of the team will advise accordingly and make suggestions as to which window film will be the most beneficial for your requirements.

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