Cleaning Your Car’s Tinted Windows

Cleaning your tinted windows isn’t much different to cleaning windows that aren’t tinted. The main difference is the cleaning products and some of the equipment used. Some products can lessen the darkness of the tint, so be careful which ones you use.

If you’re looking to get your windows tinted, window tint in Kent will give your windows a new look, offering you more privacy and security with your car.


Cleaning windows isn’t a particularly strenuous task; however, tinted windows need to be washed slightly differently.

More often than not window tint is applied on the inside of the window. As a result of this, cleaning the outside of the window isn’t a problem as it will be the same as cleaning any other window. Nonetheless, try to use ammonia-free products, so you don’t risk destroying any of the tints. The ammonia in the solution can begin to dissolve the darkness of the tint. This will reduce the lifespan and eventually render it useless.


Cleaning the Outside

When cleaning the outside of your car windows, you want to first start by removing any bits of dirt such as dust, leaves or bits of dried mud. Using a soft brush, simply brush away dirt off the windows. From doing this, it will reduce the likelihood of the dirt scratching the glass when you start the cleaning process.

After doing this grab a bucket of warm soapy water. The soap will work through the dirt on the windows to allow them to shine and sparkle like they did when they were new. Rinse the soap off the windows with some water and then with a squeegee or a leather shammy, wipe the water away to reduce the risk of streaks.

Should you want to, you can also apply a special window wax to the windows. This will give them extra protection and allow dirt to roll straight off the window rather than sticking.


Cleaning the Inside

Cleaning the inside of the windows requires far less equipment than cleaning the outside. For the inside of the windows, you want to be careful of the upholstery in the car and the tint on the windows. As tint is commonly applied on the inside of the windows, make sure you have tint-friendly window cleaners.

With a microfibre cloth and the ammonia-free cleaner, wipe the inside of the windows thoroughly to remove any grease or dirt. Be careful around the edges of the tint. If the cleaning solution gets under the tint it can leave air bubbles.


If you don’t have your car windows tinted but want them done, then vehicle window tinting in Kent have experts who will apply the tint to your car without a hassle.

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