Safety & Security Film

Safety and security film offers an increased level of privacy and protection of your home, office or shop. The film has special properties that enable it to strengthen the glass and make the windows harder to penetrate. For privacy window film in London, contact us today. There are many benefits to this specialist film, such […]

Types Of Solar Window Film

Are you looking for a window film solution for your home or the office? Take a look at solar window film. It holds many benefits for types of windows and buildings. To give you more information, we have prepared a list of the different types of solar window film in London that are available.   […]

Features Of Decorative Window Film

Decorative window film is an excellent addition to any room whether it’s at home or in the office. The film can be designed to your requirements to ensure that it fully encapsulates your vision. Below we have prepared some benefits/features of decorative window film to further inform you. If you are keen to find out […]

Types Of Window Film For Your Home

As homeowners, we continuously try to find ways to further improve it. Using window film in your home can be a great benefit for many reasons. There are many types of film that can be of use in your home. Window film in London are specialists in the application of a range of window films. […]

Cleaning Your Car’s Tinted Windows

Cleaning your tinted windows isn’t much different to cleaning windows that aren’t tinted. The main difference is the cleaning products and some of the equipment used. Some products can lessen the darkness of the tint, so be careful which ones you use. If you’re looking to get your windows tinted, window tint in Kent will […]

Can Window Tint Keep Your Home Warm in the Winter?

Window tint is filled with benefits for you, your home and even your car. So, the real question is: Can window tint keep your home warm in the winter? The answer is simple, it will depend on the type of film you get. Each type is individual and comes with its advantages. Window film is […]

6 Types of Window Coverings

Are you looking for more privacy in your home? There are a couple of ways that you can achieve this! Window tinting in Kent have professionals who will apply tint to your windows to give you more privacy and offer you a cheaper alternative to blinds.   Wood Blinds Wooden blinds fit in both modern […]

Removing Window Tint

Removing window tint is just as easy as applying it. There are many ways to remove tint however if you don’t want to remove it yourself, you can get a garage to do it for you. If you’ve had your window tint removed and want more put back on then vehicle window tinting in Kent will professionally […]

Best Ways to Keep Your Home Secure

For most of us, our home is our haven! Keeping it secure and ensuring that it is safe is the top priority. Your home will hold your memories and be a comfort zone for you and your family. Take extra measures in ensuring your home is safe by tinting your windows. Window film in London […]

Types of Window Film

Whether it’s car windows, house windows or business building windows, there is a film for it. Window tinting in Kent offers a professional service in applying film or tint to your windows. Having film added to windows not only increases your privacy but each film has its qualities that make it desirable to have. Frosted […]