Can Window Tint Keep Your Home Warm in the Winter?

Window tint is filled with benefits for you, your home and even your car. So, the real question is: Can window tint keep your home warm in the winter? The answer is simple, it will depend on the type of film you get. Each type is individual and comes with its advantages.

Window film is suitable for conservatories as the temperature often fluctuates based on the season. The film will help keep your conservatory a moderate temperature, and conservatory window film in London will apply the film to your conservatory without a hassle.


Low-Emissivity (Low-E) Films

Low-Emissivity (Low-E) films are recommended for all year round. They will keep your home cool in summer and will keep it warm in winter. These low-emissivity films work by allowing in light but blocking infrared and ultraviolet rays. They are known to reflect around 70% of solar heat gain in the summer but will retain about 50% of interior heat during colder months.

Solar Window Film

Solar window film lets the light in, but it will block out infrared rays. This means that it reflects the rays away from the home to keep it cool in the summer. During winter we want these rays to keep your home warm. So, instead of letting the rays in it traps the warm air that’s already in your home. Often warm air can escape through windows, but the tint will stop this from happening. Using this film won’t be much more economically friendly as you will still be required to heat your home; however, the film will keep this heat in meaning your home is warmer for longer. Solar window film in London will professionally apply this film to your windows and allow you to have a nice warm home during winter months.

Easy Application

The initial application of window tint is relatively easy and isn’t overly expensive. Window tint lasts about five years, however, if well maintained it can last up to ten years.

If at any point you want the tint removed, the removal is just as easy as the application and won’t cause any problems with your windows as it just peels off.

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